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6 Signs You're in Need of a Branding Session

If you say yes to any of these points, then it's a sign that you're in need of a personal branding session!

1. You're inconsistent on social media

I know it's hard to stay consistent when you don't have much content to post. Especially if you have no professional photos to post instead of all cell phone pictures. If you aren't staying consistent with posting because you have no photos to post, it's a sign to invest in a branding session.

2. A majority of the photos you post are random stock photos from the internet

Whether this be having a majority of your photos be stock photos on social media, your website, or other marketing materials, you can build a better connection with your audience with personalized photos instead of only having stock photos. Stock photos are great to use but relying on them to be the primary content you're putting out there could be lowering the uniqueness of your brand. It's time to level up from generic stock photos and show the people and products behind your business through photos that are custom to your biz.

3. The main photo you use as a headshot is a selfie 😵

Your headshot is often the first impression potential clients have of you. If your current headshot is a selfie, it's definitely time for an upgrade....please! A professional headshot shows you are a serious business owner, adds credibility, and will attract the higher-paying clients due to looking like more of a professional.

4. You’re launching a new program, offer, product, or you’re going through a whole business rebrand

With a fresh new launch or rebrand, you need fresh new photos! Launching a new program, offering, product, or undergoing a complete business rebrand are exciting milestones and getting new photos taken to highlight these changes will make you feel even more excited and your clients will visually see the difference in photos when you launch compared to seeing the same photos that you were posting before.

5. You feel like you don't look as professional as some others in your field

A branding session is the perfect opportunity to level up your online presence and make you look like the professional that you are!

6. You’re more ready than ever to attract higher-paying clients

A professional branding session not only enhances your overall image but also positions you as a premium choice in the eyes of potential clients. Someone who will pay your premium prices is more than likely also going to be looking at your professionalism online. Just having professional images of yourself and your products may just be the deciding factor on someone hiring you or buying something from you.

Do yourself and your business a huge favor and book a branding session! You’re going to look more professional, feel more confident in your business, you’ll have content to post and put on your website, you’ll attract higher-paying clients and more!

Tiffany Enowski

TENOWSKI Branding Photography & Video

Personal Branding Photographer & Videographer

Based near Springfield, MO. Also covers Lake Ozark, MO, Jefferson City, MO, and nationwide locations.



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