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I've known from a young age that I had big goals and wanted a career path that I was actually passionate about. 

For a long time I thought that having a full time job is just how its going to have to be because that's what everyone says. I would go through phases where I was content at a full time job, but found myself eventually so unhappy and unfulfilled and just dreaming and wishing I could go full time with my own business. 

I finally was able to make that happen!

A 9-5 Was Never For Me

Where My Passion Started & My Biggest Priority for My Clients


Who Am I?

I am a personal branding photographer and videographer helping women entrepreneurs create beautiful and intentional content to make their brand stand out and grow!

My Mission

I’m on a mission to elevate your online presence visually and make you feel comfortable and confident during your photoshoot.

Top Brand Values

  1. Honesty 

  2. Inclusiveness

  3. Passion

  4. Approachability

  5. Individuality

It absolutely lights a fire in me talking to other women entrepreneurs about their stories, goals, and ideas. I love being able to connect and relate about the subject of owning your own business, quitting the 9-5, going against what the society norms are, and entrepreneurship as a whole. 

Fun Facts


Traveling is my biggest passion aside from photography


Enneagram type 9


I'm a vegetarian & Mexican food is my fav 


I love animals. We have 2 birds, 3 ducks, a goose, and a rabbit.


A few favorite shows are Golden Girls, Brooklyn nine-nine, This Is Us, & Love is Blind


Let's Get To Know Each Other Better!

I’m SO excited you're here! Fill out the contact form to get one step closer to booking your branding session.

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