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6 Poses You Can't Miss During Your Brand Photoshoot

Here are the 6 top poses you can't miss when you get your brand photos taken!

1. The Headshot

A headshot doesn't only have to look like the corporate headshots you see where the backdrop looks like it came straight from a high school yearbook photo and where it's a close-up of your face if that's not what you like. A half-body or sitting pose is a great headshot to have for your personal brand!

2. The Laughing Shot

Laughing shots are great at showing your personality and really gives off a more inviting vibe to potential clients.

3. Prop Shots  

Props are one of my favorite things about a shoot. It can really diversify and add so much to the images. Bring along props that have to do with your line of work and even things that you like personally like if you're a coffee drinker, bring a mug, if you want some celebratory pictures, bring some (biodegradable 🙂) confetti or some champagne. The options are endless for props.

4. Interacting With Clients

Interacting with clients (even if they're fake clients) in your photos is a great way to portray the inviting environment you create while talking with clients.

5. In-Action Shots

Getting pictures of you in action doing your thing are always great images to make sure you get during your brand shoot. This can be as simple as working on your laptop, or like this photo, cutting up fruit and veggies for her meal prepping business.

6. The Detail-Only Shots

Getting detail shots of things related to your business or personal brand is so important. These are great to use on infographics, pricing guides, website, social media, and really anything.

Tiffany Enowski

TENOWSKI Branding Photography & Video

Personal Branding Photographer & Videographer

Based near Springfield, MO. Also covering Kansas City, MO, Jefferson City, MO, NYC, West Coast, and nationwide locations.



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