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3 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back from Your Brand's Potential

Do you ever find yourself held back by your own thoughts? Maybe you've experienced imposter syndrome creeping in, or self-doubt has made you question your capabilities, or getting caught up in comparing yourself to others. This can get us in a downward spiral QUICK, but you're not alone.

I know it's easy to talk ourselves out of doing a brand shoot, going to networking meetings, showing up online, and other beneficial things when we feel this way. Trust me, I'm still working through this too. BUT it's time we both let go of these thoughts and start going after what we want and what we need to make our business thrive.

Do you look at other biz owners brand photos and have any of these thoughts:

1. “They look WAY more confident in front of the camera than I ever would”

Odds are....they were just as nervous about their shoot as you are. So many of the business owners I take photos of are nervous and even tell me they don't know what they're doing on camera and need lots of direction. You would NEVER know they felt that way when you see their final photos. Looking natural, confident, and feeling like themselves also comes from creating a comfortable environment on the shoot day for the client to make sure they can be themselves and let loose a little.

2. “Their body looks great on camera. Mine looks blah. There's no way I could do a brand shoot."

One thing I hear all the time is "I haven't lost the 10 pounds I was hoping to lose before my brand session" but by the end of the session, they aren't even thinking about the extra 10 pounds, they are excited about the photos, they had a fun shoot, and are glad they took the leap.

Just keep in mind that nobody is looking at you or your body the way that you do. You are your own worst critic. I still have to remind myself of this too! Instead of focusing on perceived flaws, focus on the message you want to convey and the story you want to tell. I know it's easier said than done, but don't let self-doubt or comparison hold you back from stepping in front of the camera. You are worthy of being seen and celebrated just as you are.

3. “I haven't made much money in my biz yet. I don't deserve a brand shoot until I hit (whatever financial goal)"

Long story DO deserve it. Now I'm not saying to go and put yourself in a bunch of debt getting photoshoots or other things if you are struggling financially as it is. BUT what I am saying is professional photos are so beneficial to your business. It makes you look more professional, you can use them in so many places, and you'll gain confidence in being the face of your brand. You are deserving of this now and you don't have to reach some huge sales goals just to feel worthy of a brand shoot.

Without a strong personal brand with pro photos, you may even be missing out on potential business to make you more money. It's not just a fun expense, it's an investment in you and your business. Don't let your own thoughts hold you back from your full potential!

Tiffany Enowski

TENOWSKI Branding Photography & Video

Personal Branding Photographer & Videographer

Based near Springfield, MO. Also covering Kansas City, MO, Jefferson City, MO, NYC, West Coast, and nationwide locations.



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