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Why You Need Branding Photos as an Entrepreneur

When you are launching or already own your own business, you want to look like a professional and want people to take you seriously. Having professional photos of you is a great way to achieve this. Sometimes, your photos are your first impression to clients who find you online. You want your first impression to be a great one!

I will be going over the top reasons on why you should invest in a personal branding photoshoot.


You will look more professional

When clients see that you are using professional photos and not cell phone pictures, you will automatically look more professional. The first few things someone might think if all they see are selfies and other cell phone pictures on your business page and website is that you're probably just starting out, not serious enough about your biz, and possibly other thoughts that may make them look elsewhere and not hire you.


Builds trust and connection

I know not all people enjoy being in front of the camera (myself included) but when people see your face on your page, they see that there is a real person behind this business. In personal branding photoshoots, you can incorporate anything you want in them. Even non-business-related things. For example, if you want your brand geared towards family-oriented content, maybe incorporate some of your own family into a small part of your photoshoot. Like maybe your kids helping you work, or your dogs sitting right next to you while you're in your home office. These are the type of things people can relate to. Also, when you get a few goofy photos in the mix, it's a great way to show off your personality!


Invest in yourself

When your clients see that you invest in yourself, they are more willing to invest in you and have more trust that this isn't just a little side hobby that you aren't committed to. Most of the time, when you invest in yourself, you get a greater return. When people click onto your social media pages and website and see your personalized photos with YOU in them, you are already standing out from competing brands!


Branding videos

I love when someone reaches out to me and wants to make a high-quality video that talks about their business, why they started, how their business works, etc. It's such a great way for your clients to get to know you even more!

Overall, it's a great idea to get professional photos taken for your business. Sometimes, the investment may seem like a lot, but it will be worth it in the long run.



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