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Do you travel? 

Yes, I cover all of Missouri and will fly to wherever you are located at as well. I have done shoots in California, Arizona, Colorado, and more. 

Can you make me look thinner / photoshop my body?

The only changes I make to your body is light airbrushing (when needed) and editing out blemishes. 

Can I have all of the RAW footage?

I do not provide unedited photos or videos.

Can I edit my photos?

You can put text on your photos and use them for promotional materials and plug them in to social media content layouts, but please do not add any filters to them that change the color and lighting. 

How long does it take to receive my photos?

Delivery time varies depending on what type of shoot you do, but I typically like to keep delivery time between 2-6 weeks. In some cases, this time frame may be shorter or longer. 

Do you do event photos/videos?

I am currently not taking on events.

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